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About us

La Rotisserie is located in the heart of New York City’s Flatiron District — between Union Square and Madison Square Park. From heritage breed whole birds to decadent egg desserts, our modern French bistro is a tribute to American farmers and local terroir. Currently, you can experience our cuisine through our To Go menu at

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How we care for animals

We exclusively source heritage poultry breeds that represent centuries of thoughtful animal husbandry – the true definition of “farm to table” cuisine.

These breeds have been developed and selected over time, have better disease resistance, are well-adapted to their environment, and thrive in open pastures.

When an animal lives the life it deserves, it gives back in the quality of their meat.

How we work with farmers

We source our farmers, one by one, either locally or for their exceptional way of raising animals. Our team visits every farm we work with at least twice a year.

We know all of our farmers by name and, from being partners, they become our friends.

Over time, our chefs and the farmers develop a true symbiosis that results in an improvement of both the breeds and the dishes we serve at the restaurant.

How we slow cook

The restaurant’s slow cooking philosophy preserves and enhances the natural flavor and texture of ingredients unique to their terroir.

Why sharing whole birds matters

We have many individual options for tasting different birds, but our whole bird selection offers a glorious experience.

Sharing a whole bird is a tribute to the bird and a genuine communion between friends and family.